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Values & Ethos


  • Produce their very best work with high standards of presentation, staying focussed even when the work is challenging.
  • Are intrinsically motivated, curious about what they can learn and value the process as much as the product.
  • Are critical thinkers and plan their work carefully, reflecting on how it could be improved and refined.
  • Are open minded, brave and willing to take a risk and step out of their comfort zone.
  • Participate fully in learning, show respect for and listen carefully to others, making a positive contribution at all times.
  • Are eager for feedback and proactive and resilient in improving their responses to it.


  • Challenge all pupils so that they have the highest expectations of what they can achieve.
  • Explain new concepts expertly so that pupils acquire new knowledge and skills.
  • Model learning effectively so that pupils know how to apply their knowledge and skills.
  • Create opportunities for pupils to engage in deliberate practice so that they are proactive in their learning.
  • Question pupils expertly so they are challenged to think deeply with breadth, depth and accuracy.
  • Feedback to pupils so that they are able to develop and extend their existing knowledge and skills.

Everyone together

  • Is proactive in creating or controlling opportunities rather than just reacting after things have happened.
  • Applauds bravery, persistence and risk taking through appreciating and celebrating the successes of those around us.
  • Contributes positively to our aspirational learning community.