Use our recommended list of links below to learn something new at home or revise a topic that you may have learnt at school.

Coronavirus (COVID 19): list of online education resources for home education from Department of Education.

BBC Bitesize


Memrise – the fastest way to learn a language

Amazon Audible Stories


TrueTube – RE and PSHE Educational Videos


Seneca learning

Classes have been set up for yr 9 and 10 science students, to access it they need to follow the instructions in the extension part of the daily lesson plans.


Free science videos

Follow Shaun Donnelly @UKScienceguy on twitter for links to his daily science video then follow up online Q and A session.


Kay Science


Primrose Kitten


Business Studies



Tynker: Empowering Kids To Create with just the internet and a computer



Khan Academy


Creative Bug

Includes a free trial


Discovery Education

includes free trial


Crash Course Kids

Youtube based Science content


Science Channel

Youtube based Science content


SciShow Kids

Youtube based Science content


National  Geographic Kids


Youtube based content



Youtube based content


Kids Learning Tube

Youtube content for KS3


Geek Gurl Diaries

Computer science content


Mike Likes Science


Science Max

Youtube content



Free Resources At Discovery Education


National Geographic


Virtual Tours of Museums around the World


Maths Resources for KS3


Maths Resources for KS3


Learn Literacy and Numeracy through games


KS4 Computing & Computer Science


KS3 & KS4 Science Videos

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