At Turves Green Boys’ School we provide a thorough careers programme to support all our students with their future aspirations.

For the 2018-19 academic year we will be working with Newman University as part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) to provide additional specific, tailored mentoring and outreach so that students have a clearer understanding of the choices in front of them and how to achieve these.

How to access careers advice and support

We have a dedicated careers adviser who supports our students and parents in making suitable careers choices. Our careers adviser is Mr D Tehan who can be contacted via the school email address or phone number.

If you wish to discuss or provide feedback or suggestions on any aspect of our careers provision you can contact Mr Westwood our Careers Leader using the school contact details.

Our current programme for the 2018-19 academic year is outlined below and will be further expanded with our NCOP partnership.

Careers Programme for 2018-19

Year 7

March 2019   STEM Roadshow

April 2019   National Careers Week


Year 8

January 2019   Options and Choices Day

January 2019   Pathways Evening

January 2019   Citizenship – Year 8 Careers and Choices Project

Year 8   Choices Careers Assemblies

April 2019   National Careers Week


Year 9

November 2018   Year 9 Career Workshops

December 2018   Year 9 Career Workshops

April 2019   National Careers Week

July 2019   Flexi Day Careers Focus


Year 10

October 2018   Work Experience Launch

October 2018   Year 11 Careers Event

January 2019   Mock Interviews

May 2019   Work Experience Week

July 2019   Careers Focus Day


Year 11

Full Academic Year- Careers Advisor Post 16 Meetings

October 2018   Year 11 Careers Event

October 2018 onwards   College Open Evenings

December 2018   Post 16 Focus Day (colleges applications, CV’s, career options)

How we measure the impact of our careers programme

We keep accurate records of the destinations of all our Yr11 leavers and work to ensure that we have no NEET students.

We also evaluate the activities we provide to inform the impact of the provision and use this to further improve the careers programme at the school.

Our careers programme at TGBS is reviewed on an annual basis and the next review will take place in July 2019.

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