Through Art and Design, students will experience working in a variety of materials both in 2 and 3 dimensions. Starting points will be from direct observation; personal experience and memory; imagination and from the art of different cultures and eras.

Care is taken that themes cover a range of subjects from the natural and the man-made world, to provide a balanced diet of inspiration, relating where possible to students own interests and current trends.

Emphasis is on the learning of procedures and how to control a wide variety of media, and through experimentation, the development of individual techniques to aid the confident use of imagination and originality.

The main disciplines to be covered are Painting & Drawing; Printmaking; Textiles; Ceramics; & other 3D work. Information technology skills and the use of computer software are encouraged where appropriate.


Year 7

During year 7 students will look at the following stimulus starting points:

Lettering, Aboriginal Art, Gaudi, Julian Opie and Picasso Portraits.


Year 8

During Year 8 students will look at the following stimulus starting points:

The art work of David Hockney, Banksy graffiti art portraits, Heraldry, Keith Haring and Anthony Gormley Statues and figures.



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