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Learning For Life

Although presently we are teaching students within their bubbles, the first ten minutes of every day is a dedicated time for students to undertake ‘Learning for Life’. On occasions, students will be taught about something at school which would benefit from a further conversation at home, such as mental health, anti-bullying, the dangers of energy drinks or excessive screen time. In this event, all parents will be sent a bulletin in the weekly newsletter outlining what their son has been taught. The Learning for Life Sessions generally follow the same format each week and sessions are planned well in advance. 

On Mondays each week, pupils will have the opportunity to discuss their attendance, rewards and behaviour record for the previous week, setting any goals to help them improve and getting competitive with rewards!

Every Tuesday, students are taught about a safety issue including road safety or personal safety as well as reminders about wider issues such as the dangers of illegal substances and knife crime.

Every Wednesday, students are introduced to different career paths either linked to their favourite subjects or a spotlight session on different vocations such as the police, military or medical profession. In older year groups students also have the opportunity to look at college courses, open events and seek advice about post 16 options.

On Thursdays, students have the opportunity to discuss global events and world issues which over the last term have included Black History Month, World Aids day, Remembrance, the US Election and Anti Bullying Week. This is a great opportunity for students to discuss the headlines and debate key issues such as the environment and politics.

Fridays are for fun, a light-hearted end to the week. This is usually a topical quiz with questions on the latest sports, music and headlines which boys can attempt alone or in a team.