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Computer Science



At KS3, students experience ICT as a discrete subject for one hour per week. The students use a wide range of applications where the skills that they learn will also support their learning across the curriculum. Regular assessments are made throughout Years KS3 to monitor progress.

Year 7

Students will complete a project called ‘First Gear’ where they will use word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, database and desktop publishing software in a fun virtual learning environment. E-Safety is also a key area of learning in Year 7. Students are assessed at the end of each unit of work.

Year 8

Students will work in a virtual learning environment completing the project ‘Star Struck’. Students will develop their skills learnt in Year 7 and are expected to evaluate their work and make appropriate changes through self and peer assessment. Students are assessed at the end of each unit of work.


National certificate in ICT LEVEL 2 OCR (Cambridge) J810

ICT has changed to become something that forms a part of every career and most aspects of our daily lives. Computers and the Internet in particular have become things we all need to deal with and the skills learnt in ICT classes are transferable in the majority of careers. More importantly perhaps, is grasping the opportunity to study ICT to a higher level after leaving school. Higher study at college, sixth form or university will enable students to join the exciting ICT profession working with, or developing, the systems we will all use tomorrow.

Topics Covered:

Four topics will be covered:

  • Understanding computer systems (Exam)
  • Using ICT to create business solutions
  • Creating Digital Images
  • Creating an interactive product using multimedia components.


The course will be assessed through one examination and three centre assessed tasks. Before completing centre assessed tasks, students will partake in different activities to develop their skills. They will then use these skills to complete their tasks. Theory lessons will also be delivered to ensure students have the required skills and knowledge to complete the examination.

Course Progression:

The Cambridge National is an ICT qualification and is equivalent to one GCSE, therefore if the course is successfully completed you can continue studying an ICT qualification at college. This could be ICT ‘A’ Level, Computer Science A’ Level, Level 3 courses, Intermediate or Advanced Apprenticeships , IT Games Development, Digital Media and much more.


The skills developed studying the National Certificate in ICT lend themselves to almost any career, but in particular these skills are valued by employers in industries / organisations like:- Game Design, Computer Networking, Software Engineering. E-Business, Information Management and Teaching.