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Welcome to Turves Green Boys' School SEN Blog, here you will find relevant information to help you with you child's SEN needs.

The blog will also inform you will activities that are going on at school and will also make you aware of any upcoming events.


Special educational needs also known as (SEN) can have an massive impact on a child's well being if they don't get the correct help. It can affect the Child ability to learn which can cause them to not perform to the best of their ability at school. Special Educational Needs can impact a child in many different ways such as...

  • Having difficulty making new friends and adjusting to change

  • Reading and writing can also be affected this can come down to a child having dyslexia

  • Ability the concentrate could also be very difficult if a child suffers from ADHD

  • Physical Ability

If you have any concerns about your child or do believe they may have some form of any SEN needs its best to let the school SENCO aware of this.


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