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Careers at Turves Green Boys’ School

Key Members of Staff

Careers Leader – Mr M Westwood – Senior Middle Leader

Careers Advisor – Mr D Tehan


At Turves Green Boys’ School, we believe that all pupils should have the knowledge and research skills to access a wide variety of Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG), allowing them to make informed decisions to ensure they are successful as lifelong learners.  Our high quality careers advice and guidance is developed throughout each pupil’s time at the school and is supportive of every pupil’s aspirations, strengths and skills.


  • Prepare pupil pathways for the transition to life beyond secondary school (further and higher education, apprenticeships and the world of work).
  • Provide pupils from Year 7 upwards with well-rounded IAG (information, advice and guidance) experiences in order to inspire and motivate their aspirations.
  • Support pupils to make informed decisions which are suitable and ambitious and provide guidance on GCSEs, post-16 courses, university, apprenticeship and employment.
  • Develop pupils’ employability and characteristics in communication, resilience, leadership and social skills.
  • Summary of Careers Programme

The school follows the Gatsby Benchmarks, which is the best practice framework for careers education and guidance in secondary schools.  This provides a rounded programme for all pupils throughout their study at Turves Green Boys’ School, ensuring that all pupils learn about careers and the world of work.

Careers provision at Turves Green Boys’ School is mapped against the DfE Careers Guidance and access for education and training providers, statutory guidance as well as the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.

From Year 7 to Year 11, pupils experience meaningful encounters with employers, the workplace and other learning providers to help support them to investigate different career choices and to help with making decisions about progression pathways.  See the Careers Programme below.

The Careers Programme is reviewed annually by the Careers Leader, the Deputy Headteacher and the Governing Body.  The next review is due in July 2021.  We assess the impact of the Careers Programme with feedback from pupils, parents, teachers and employers, so we can continue to develop the quality of our careers provision.

Pupils’ Post 16 destinations are tracked.  Detailed attention is paid to their progress in school, compared to their future plans, so that they can successfully and sustainably move onto the most appropriate pathway.  Pupils with SEND are given extra support in planning for their destinations.

Evaluation of Careers Programme

The Careers Leader is accountable to the Deputy Headteacher, who line manages the provision of Careers Education at the school.  The Careers Leader systematically evaluates the impact of the careers programme throughout the year, reflecting and evaluating the successes and areas for improvement.  On an annual basis, the policy is revisited and shared with governors.  The Careers Leader is expected to present to SLT and governors on the impact of the careers programme.

The Careers Leader uses Compass Plus to evaluate the success of the careers provision against the Gatsby Benchmarks.  This enables the Careers Leader to update the plan to constantly drive standards up.

The school keeps records of all tasks which each pupil have participated in throughout their time at the school, using information from the school calendar and attendance records.  This information is shared with pupils in advance of their college applications, so they can share the impact of their learning.

The school will assess the impact of its careers programme on pupils by completing an annual pupil survey and analysing destinations data in line with activities that they have taken part in at school.  In addition, the views of pupils and parents will be surveyed after key events .e.g. the Careers Information Evening, Year 10 Work Experience.

Careers Programme as part of PSHE

The PSHE programme includes a range of objectives which is suitable for all age groups.  See the appendix “PSHE Programme” for further details.

Careers Lessons are delivered as part of Social Studies lessons.  There are PSHE Days timetabled during the year.  On these days, pupils have a particular focus, for example the Year 10 Interview Day in January includes a range of lessons all supporting pupils to prepare for interview.  In 2020/21, Careers Tasks will be set as part of pupils’ independent study, for example virtual assemblies linking curriculum learning to careers. 


During Form Time and Independent Study all pupils (Years 7 – 11) have access to this website (which is mobile and PC friendly).  Pupils use Kudos for the following:

  • Build up their own profile
  • Understand the impact of achieving qualifications at Level 3 and beyond
  • Introductions to a range of suitable careers (based on their profile)
  • Understand their own job prospects (based on qualification)
  • Learn about pay and opportunities
  • Learn how to get into their chosen career
  • Learn the day-to-day details of a career
  • Understand what subjects they need to study
  • Explore Work Areas (For example, careers linked to design)
  • Explore how the subjects they are good at will lead to a range of careers
  • Learn how to build and write a powerful CV

Pathway CTM

During Form Time and Independent Study, Year 11 pupils are guided to use the Pathway CTM programme.  This programme guides pupils to work independently on the following:

  • Weekly employer-led webinars
  • Employability skills days
  • Application clinics
  • Bespoke employer events
  • An online programme following 3 modules
    • My knowledge
    • My personal brand
    • My interview and assessment toolkit

The school has invested in the Pathway CTM Outreach Programme, where mentors are assigned to pupils to support and guide each pupil to complete key tasks.


Assemblies are delivered by Heads of Department, linking the learning within each curriculum to careers.

Careers Programme beyond PSHE Lessons

The school newsletter includes a regular Careers Section, including information such as:

  • Bulletin with vacancies for school leavers:
  • Eton Project.  Year 11 pupils were identified as suitable for a course in developing confidence at interview.
  • Covid Logbook.  Pupils have been guided to keep a logbook of what they did during lockdown.  This will be a future interview question, so pupils need to be able to give a good answer.  Support given to produce a good logbook
  • Uni Fest.  Y9, Y10 and Y11 pupils have been invited to attend Virtual Uni Fest - information about Higher Education.  In newsletter and email sent to parents of Y9, Y10 and Y11 pupils.
  • Virtual Work Experience. Y9 and Y10 pupils invited to attend Virtual Work Experience, ran by Learn Live and Oak Academy.  Videos, interactive webinars and tasks to help pupils prepare for world of work.
  • Newsletter publicised the following: Lewis Ellis Apprenticeship Activity, Information About Specific Careers, e.g. Construction / Armed Forces, Year 10 Options Activity - helping pupils to think about A-Levels and link to HE, Stacey Dooley TV opportunity (The Nine To Five - Work Experience Reality TV - looking for candidates) advertised and personally sent to pupils who may benefit, Information from local colleges shared regarding application / enrolment process, How Parents Can Help With Careers Document, Examples of Young People in Careers.  All of this also placed on the VLE.
  • The Newsletter continues to updated as information is shared from a range of providers.

The following events are booked on an annual basis.  However, extra opportunities arise due to local businesses and universities running courses and our careers network informs of these events.  Therefore, more activities are added throughout the year, for all year groups. 

Year 7

  • Medical Mavericks and Chemistry at Work Days also provide pupils with an improved awareness of the variety of jobs and careers available in STEM subjects.
  • BAE Systems, RAF and Royal Navy Education Roadshow.  Actors lead Roadshow on STEM subjects.

Year 8

  • Big Bang Fair.  A group of pupils will be taken to this STEM event, held at the NEC.
  • BAE Systems, RAF and Royal Navy Education Roadshow.  Actors lead Roadshow on STEM subjects.
  • Medical Mavericks Workshop for pupils to find out about careers in medicine
  • Forward Thinking Programme is launched in Year 8 and followed all the way through to Year 11.  Pupils find out about Higher Education Opportunities.

Year 9

  • Careers Conference.  Evening Event for pupils and parents to find out about GCSE and post 16 pathways.  Colleges and Businesses present, as well as department leaders.
  • Individual Guidance is provided to support pupils choosing the right KS4 courses.
  • Big Bang Fair.  A group of pupils will be taken to this STEM event, held at the NEC.
  • Aston University STEM Day.  Selected pupils to participate in day finding out about careers in STEM subjects
  • PWC Dragons’ Den Offer.  Mentored support for teams of pupils to develop a business plan.

Year 10

  • Careers Conference.  Daytime Event for pupils to find out about post 16 pathways.  Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges, Apprenticeship Providers, Training Providers, Armed Forces and other businesses present.
  • Interview Day.  Every pupil to have a 30 minute mock interview with an employer.  Pupils and employers have reported that this is a skill which needs to be developed.  This event has received very positive feedback and identifies areas that pupils need to work on in advance of Post 16 applications.
  • To support with preparation for Year 11, as well as Work Experience, the Careers Advisor meets with all Y10 pupils.
  • Work Experience.  Aim for all pupils to go on Work Experience for 1 week.  Support given in Form Time and by Careers Advisor to arrange Work Experience.  The school firmly believes in the importance of Gatsby Benchmark 6.  It is not easy for all pupils to arrange Work Experience, so we offer extensive support to achieve this.
  • Work Experience is launched in September, followed up with a Parents’ Clinic for Work Experience in October.  Presentation delivered as part of planning for Work Experience.  Local employers present at this event, so pupils/parents are getting more experience of employers.  Pupils are expected to organise their own Work Experience, as part of the application experience.  However, this can be a challenge for some pupils, so the clinic builds confidence as well as introduces parents to networks who may be able to offer support.  Pupils who may need support are targeted early in the process as the Careers Leader quickly finds out how pupils respond to the launch.
  • College/Apprenticeship Visits.  The few pupils who don’t go on Work Experience to go on College/Apprenticeship Visits, including visiting a workplace.
  • Final Week of Term.  Pupils to participate in Careers Week, where they go on College Visits and experience workshops delivered by external providers.
  • Uni Fest.  Pupils participate in Uni Fest, where they get the chance to learn about Higher Education and the opportunities involved.
  • Careers Panel.  A group of pupils are selected to take part in a Question Time style event, where they are able to ask questions to representatives from employers within the following sectors: Financial Services, Law, Digital and Technology, Electronics, Logistics, Transport, Retail

Year 11

  • Parents’ Information Evening at the beginning of the academic year.  Careers Leader organises event preparing pupils for Y11, including Academic Progress, Revision and strongly linked to the Careers Programme in Year 11 (1:1 support, Form Time Programme, Application Process).  Local colleges and apprenticeships present at this event.
  • Careers Conference Assembly.  Assembly delivered in advance of Careers Conference to prepare pupils to gain more value from the event.
  • Careers Conference.  Daytime Event for pupils to find out about post 16 pathways.  Colleges and Businesses present.  Parents invited.
  • Careers Advisor meets with all Year 11 pupils before Christmas.  Careers Advisor works with all pupils in terms of applications for Post 16.  Careers Leader compiles evidence of Minimum Expected Grade, Professionally Predicted Grade and Working At Grade for each pupil and regularly updates this information with Careers Advisor.  Careers Advisor goes out to pupils on alternative placements and sees every pupil on roll.
  • BMW Apprenticeships Presentation.  Representatives from BMW come to the school to talk about careers with BMW.  Guidance is given on applications for Level 3 Apprenticeships to an identified group of pupils.
  • Engineering Webinar for Year 11 pupils in September aimed at pupils who have shown aptitude in Science / Maths to find out about careers in Engineering.
  • Introduction to Law Workshop in September
  • Aim Higher and Aim Higher Plus.  The school has an Aim Higher Adviser, who liaises with all departments to plan visits, external presentations, workshops and other opportunities for pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11.  A group of Year 11 pupils are allocated an Aim Higher Plus Mentor to support them individually with their future plans and aspirations.
  • My Mentor Programme.  The My Mentor Programme is run using N-COP funding, enabling pupils to receive support from undergraduates and recent graduates.  This helps pupils to identify their strengths and aspirations and to support them to achieve their goals.
  • NCS.  The school works with the National Citizen Service to ensure that Year 11 pupils get the opportunity to participate in a range of activities to prepare them for life after school, including preparing for FE and HE.  School hosts NCS assemblies, ensures that time is planned for pupils to plan to participate and welcomes NCS into school at lunchtimes for pupils to find out more and enrol.

Evidencing Against Gatsby Benchmarks

The school evidences its performance against the Gatbsy Benchmarks.  See the appendix “Evidencing Against Gatbsy Benchmarks” for further details.