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Design Technology

Curriculum Intent

At KS3, pupils experience a variety of practical and technological skills intended to raise and refine creative thinking and awareness focussed upon the designing and production of products that meet human needs and requirements.  The ultimate aim is for pupils to gain experience in all areas of Design and Technology, building and developing new skills to prepare them for GCSE and life beyond school including college, university, apprenticeships and the world of work.

Year 7

Pupils will be introduced to all the areas of Technology the school provides. This includes undertaking introductory projects in Graphics, Paper and board, Resistant Materials. Pupils will enjoy a range of projects that will build upon practical skills and designing skills in all areas based around using hand tools, technical drawing and design development.

Year 8

Pupils will do practical work where possible. For research, design and some written work the department has a dedicated computer suite. All projects and activities are designed and planned to build on prior learning and allow pupils to be challenged, inspired and enthused by new experiences such as using workshop machines.

Year 9

Pupils will be encouraged to be more independent with project work whilst still following project guidelines. Pupils will learn the importance of self-development and the role it plays in the creative industry. Pupils will be able to explore design through a range of materials and tools culminating in a final project whilst still undertaking learning of core knowledge.


Knowledge is important within any specialist area, DT wood and timber is knowledge intensive, with more emphasis based on the theory of Materials, Processes and Design and how design it is used throughout industry. The course will drive pupils to become more adept within practical sessions undertaking longer project based work in preparation for their GCSE at the start of Year 11


- One exam paper (80% theory)

- Course work folder (20% practical)

Total marks available – 200.